We are highly adept in providing legal advice in the field of competition law, particularly in connection with market dominance, mergers, illegal cartel agreements, bid rigging and dawn raids.

Several members of the MKP INTERNATIONAL team have an academic background in economics, which they now use in practice, where an understanding of basic economic issues is often crucial when dealing with competition law matters. We can thus advise clients not only from a legal perspective, but also from an economics perspective.

MKP INTERNATIONAL is also able to offer clients broad legal assistance should they find themselves under an investigation by the competition authorities, as well as any representation in administrative proceedings and subsequent litigation in connection therewith. However, at the same time, we always try to help clients in averting any potential disputes by setting up the appropriate compliance programs.

Additionally, we are able to offer clients legal advice concerning the legal regulations vis-a-vis mergers, contractual relations between business entities and their impact on competition, and advice with respect to market dominance and the abuse of market power.