One of the most salient specializations of MKP INTERNATIONAL is commercial law, specifically corporate law, including the provision of legal support where it concerns the implementation of commercial transactions.

Our lawyers offer their far-reaching knowledge and experience in terms of structuring and financing corporate transactions, carrying out due diligence, as well as negotiating the terms and conditions of acquisition agreements in conjunction with tax experts, who are also key members of the consultancy team.

Thanks to the distinctive experience and breadth of the legal team of MKP INTERNATIONAL, we are able to provide clients with support in conducting their international business transactions, including advising them on choosing the appropriate governing law and jurisdiction of either a national or international arbitration institution.

Significantly, we participate in all negotiations on behalf our clients with the counter-party, both in domestic and international markets, always according to the client’s specific needs and with a clear goal of protecting the client’s interests.

Typically, MKP INTERNATIONAL provides clients with legal advice from the moment when the client decides to establish a business corporation or association.