MKP INTERNATIONAL also provides all clients with legal services in the field of employment/labor law as well as matters related to debt recovery according to the actual needs of clients, including the implementation of forensic and labor law audits, and further advises members of a company’s statutory bodies, partners or shareholders in connection with exercising their functions and implementing their rights and obligations.

Our experienced team of lawyers is able to provide legal services that go above and beyond, but are closely related to, employment law, for example in the field of collective bargaining, social security law or health insurance.

Services can be rendered to employers, employees or trade unions.

We would be pleased to assist you with setting up and drafting internal regulations, as well as the entire cycle of an employment relationship from its beginning to its termination, drafting competitive clauses, creating incentive programs for employees, and collective bargaining.

We are always at the ready to provide clients, especially national and multinational corporations, with all legal services in the field of labor law and all related contractual agenda which is necessary for the client to function properly in an employer-employee relationship, always, of course, as per their specific needs.